February 5, 2023

How To Get Better Insurance For Your Collector Car This Summer

It’s a parade-worthy throwback that’s still turning heads. Your classic car has been through a lot – let us help make sure it doesn’t become history.

Your car may be a classic, but our company offers insurance options that are anything but old-fashioned.

Overpaying for coverage will never be in style, so we offer a variety of premium lowering discounts for your classic or antique car:

Fresh Start Discount®

We reward those who plan ahead with premium discounts when you apply for a policy before your current one expires

Three Line Discount

Earn savings on qualifying home and auto premiums when you insure your vehicle, home and life with us

Collector’s Discount

The more cars you own, the more you’ll save with us and the sooner your collection can grow

As fellow classic and antique car lovers, here’s how we take care of yours:

  • Timeless Value – With agreed value coverage, we’ll cut you a check for the same amount no matter when a covered loss occurs
  • Keep It Running – Our generous annual mileage limit makes sure you can stay on the road
  • Handle With Care – We offer emergency roadside assistance when you need it and a flatbed towing option whenever possible
  • Choose Your Repair Facility – Who goes under the hood can be a touchy subject, so we leave the decision up to you
  • Spare Parts Coverage – Keeping spare parts handy is a good call – if your parts are damaged in a covered loss, we’ll give you up to $1,000 to restock

So how do you take advantage of these benefits? Click below for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote!

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