September 27, 2023

How To Find The Best ATV/UTV Insurance

Do I need ATV insurance?

ATV insurance is liability and damage coverage for your all-terrain vehicle, also known as a four-wheeler. These vehicles are meant for off-road riding, with the potential for accidents and injuries. ATV insurance closely resembles car insurance. You’ll find base coverage with similar categories, plus ATV-specific add-ons.

Unlike cars, though, not all provinces and territories require ATV insurance. In some cases, the insurance requirement may be waived if the ATV is exclusively driven on the owner’s property. Check with your local Ministry of Transportation to verify what your ATV insurance obligations may be.

If you do need ATV insurance, or perhaps want to opt in for the added security, you can find coverage with many car insurance companies. While not all car insurance companies offer ATV insurance, you may also find coverage with independent providers who specialize in this type of policy.

When is ATV insurance a good idea?

You may need to evaluate how you’ll be using your ATV. For example, if you’re simply riding your ATV at low speeds in a backyard, you could opt for little to no ATV coverage.

However, you will benefit most from ATV insurance in these situations:

  • Competing in sports events.
  • Riding at high speeds.
  • Riding on public property.
  • Living in a province where ATV insurance is required.

When wondering whether to skip ATV insurance, consider that this vehicle type is known for accidents. In the event of an accident or rollover, the driver usually has minimal protection. Insurance could help cover damages and injuries.

How do I find the best valued insurance policy for my ATV/UTV?

Use this free, all inclusive tool to search for the best policy you are in need of! This will look for the best valued rates for your entire bundle of various insurance needs. (Home, auto, classic car, atv, etc!)

Check out the free tool here:

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